Everyone needs a big chair

I’m a superhero. Not really. Ok maybe I am but I just can’t talk about it for fear of being targetted by super villains.Every day I get out of bed at 05h15 to go and do battle in the South African financial services industry. I’m known as the Liability Guy. My task, to protect businesses from being sued. Hungry litigators wait around every corner, ready to pounce as granny slips on the wet patch in the aisle, as little Johnny fails to get picked for the cricket team or as uncle Jack gets laid (off). Protecting the businesses from everything that keeps them awake at night, that’s my day job.

I’ve been known to poke fun at politicians, insurance brokers, attorneys, pretty much everyone including myself. If you don’t have a sense of humour, don’t read any further.

Although I’ve been living in Cape Town since May 2013, I guess I’m still a recent import to the fair Cape. I love a good story. Really enjoy public speaking and have been known to engage in some mind bending mental magic from time to time.

I’m Simon Colman, Liability Guy

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