Some time in 2014 an idea came to me whilst stuck in the traffic of my beloved Cape Town. Yes, there is indeed traffic in Cape Town and yes, I irresponsibly thought it’d be a magnificent idea to film myself whilst sitting in said Cape Town traffic jam. I showed the first one to a few of my colleagues up in Johannesburg and they thought it’d be a fantastic idea to produce one episode every month. “One a month”, I hear you snigger. Sounds like an easy task I know but I soon discovered that each episode must go through a stringent vetting process with the dreaded Through the Steering Wheel steering committee. The net result of which is that only 25% of the episodes are allowed to be shown publicly. Maybe someday someone will leak the uncensored versions (you never know).

January 2015 saw the release of the first episode of the series, now aptly entitled “Through the Steering Wheel”. TTSW is a light hearted look at the weird world of liability, niche insurance and business in general. If you are looking for sound legal advice (or any other kind of advice) then you should probably watch something else. Politicians shouldn’t watch this at all. Each episode deals with a different issue.

Episode 6 – PI Insurance – Fake Qualifications

Episode 5 – Plumbers – The claim that time forgot

Episode 4 – Security (amphitheatres and swimming pools)

Episode 3 – Why insurance underwriters are like “mother-in-laws”

Episode 2 – Disclaimers (how effective are those bits of paper you sign as you check in?)

Episode 1 – Why liability insurance?

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