I am actually known to most in the financial services sector as the LiabilityGuy, a moniker that has stuck with me over the years as I have built my personal brand as a liability specialist. I am passionate about the insurance industry which is why you’ll often see me speaking at industry functions or talking to the media regardless of whether it is print, radio or TV. I believe in the value of specialist cover and take every opportunity to educate the public about the critical role liability insurance plays in every day life.

Over the past six years I’ve had the privilege of being a judge on The Insurance Apprentice. Its an online series that seeks to find the ultimate, young ambassador for the short term insurance industry in South Africa. You’ll find quite a bit about that on this website. If you’re in insurance and are younger than 35 – enter now, it will change your life.

I also love technology and I find much of my professional life revolves around building digital tools to help people understand risk and insurance. This website also contains some tech experiments from time to time so be sure to come back regularly.

I write a blog from time to time, mostly reflecting the way I see the world around me, both professionally and personally. Those posts are also contained on this site.

There is also a touch of mystery to the LiabilityGuy, I’m a big fan of magic and mentalism and every now and again you’ll find me telling a dark tale of mystery and magic at a dinner party – you may even find the odd video on this site.

Thanks for dropping by.