LiabilityGuy on TV

Every now and again I land up in the hot seat on TV or Radio

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Unserious liabilities

Not to be taken seriously. Seriously.

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The Apprentice

The ultimate contest in the world’s greatest industry

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I’m a mentalist

Ok that’s not true. I can bend a spoon with my mind but it turns out that’s not a useful skill when you are a liability specialist.

My day job sees me working at a big specialist insurance operation. I run the digital disruption area of the business, something that I really enjoy. I’m also really passionate about writing, video editing and of course all things related to liability.

If a person or business can be sued for something, I want to know about it and understand it. And if possible find the funny side of it. What you read here is really my own, often bizarre take on things. Nothing you find here is legal advice, for that you need to see a lawyer. If you are interested in the world of liability and could use a laugh, this is the place to be.